Orlando, FL

Diagnostic Pathology’s Review of the Top Labs in Central Florida has found one that stands out above the rest.

Orlando’s PSAP Lab has quite a unique offering. With their highly qualified, professional pathologists, they cover a variety of specialties.

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The key factors that set them apart from the competition is their commitment to progress “with the times” in all of their sub-specialties.  They employ the top professionals from the medical business to run the company’s administrative side.

They are ranked #1 because they listen to the needs of their customers and react quickly. This company is built on the highest code of ethics.

We are certain after sitting with their CEO and business consultants, you will be as pleased as we were. They have a vision for the future, and are committed to their partner physician’s success.

With well over 50 years in practice, PSAP has refused to be content with the status quo in medicine. They have developed highly streamlined processes to ensure timely turn around, partnered with IT firms to ensure the use of the latest technology in interfacing and providing results.

“We don’t care if our clients are looking to set up their own lab, have us do the work, or if we need to find someone outside our organization to help them. What we care about are the relationships we have in our community. We have been here a long time, and we are here to stay for the long haul. We will stop at nothing to ensure that our medical community is well served. That is our commitment.”  -Ray Franklin, MD.

Diagnostic Pathology Reviews would like to thank the participants that made this interview possible.  -P. Carpenter, Chief Editor.